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Groundworks Company: Why Are They Important For Your Construction Project?

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Are you looking for a reliable groundworks company for your next project? This service is vital for every construction development, quite literally laying the foundations. Quality work at this stage helps to ensure a high-standard build. If you’re unsure about some aspects of these services, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions.

What Does A Groundworks Company Do?

This type of business completes the preparation of surfaces before a construction project. This can involve demolition services and site clearances, and then it includes preparing the ground for the rest of construction. A groundworks company will get the surface level and stable, install foundations, and ensure all drainage is taken care of too with the correct pipework. What’s more, this type of business can also help to complete any aesthetic work needed on the surface, such as driveways or paths.

What Is Classed As Groundworks?

This can vary from business to business, but this usually includes excavations, foundations, footings, landscaping, and driveways, to name a few. This term refers to any work done to the sub-surfaces before a build. It is usually the first stage of any construction project. For landscaping work like patios or driveways, these are usually done after a build.

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How Much Does A Groundworks Company Cost?

The cost of this service varies from project to project. The term encapsulates many disciplines of construction, each with different requirements. The cost of this service depends on the physical size and nature of the project. To discuss the work required in more detail, contact our team for further information.

Does A Groundworks Company Do Drainage?

A groundworks company will be responsible for drainage services. As they take care of the very base of a building, drainage needs to be adequate from the beginning to ensure the success of a project. If there are problems with a drainage system, this could end up with a property having water damage which could lead to rotting, mould, and structural damage. Warwickshire Groundworks can provide drainage services.

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Contact Us Today For Reliable Work

If you’re looking for a quality groundworks company, then look no further than Warwickshire Groundworks. Our friendly team can help with many projects. Give us a call or send us a message to discuss it in further detail. We serve both domestic and commercial clients and have experience completing many projects, so you can be confident in the work that we do.


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