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How To Prepare For Demolition Contractors

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Are you looking for demolition contractors? When opting for this service, the preparation can feel quite overwhelming. If you hire professionals, rest assured that you’ll be assisted every step of the way. Here we’ve outlined the main tasks needed for a successful project.

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Clear The Property

The first step of demolishing a property is ensuring all belongings have been removed. Any removable fixtures can be removed at this point too. After clearing all your belongings from the building, it’s time to start preparing for the demolition contractors. Whilst no one is visiting the property, it’s important that it stays secure so nothing impacts the process as this could cause delays.

Turn Off Utilities

Before any work gets started, it’s important to ensure that all utilities are terminated. This can be done directly through the respective companies that are responsible for water, electricity, gas, and telecommunications. This ensures that nothing is at risk when the process get started, such as pipework and live wires.

Gain The Proper Licenses

When you employ demolition contractors, you’ll need to ensure that the right permissions have been processed and confirmed. Each local authority could have different processes, so it’s important to ensure that the correct methods are being followed. Solihull Council’s demolitions advice and control states that a particular form needs to be completed giving 6 weeks-notice. This needs to show evidence of facts like the plan, the person doing the work, and the compliance with Party Wall Act, for example.

The process is slightly different for various properties and local authorities, so ensure the correct formalities have been fulfilled. For example, if the building is in a rural area it may need a wildlife survey to see if the destruction of the building will harm any protected species. Also, if the building is listed or deemed unsafe, planning permission may be required. It’s always best to check to avoid legal issues.

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Conduct Site Evaluation & Implement Safety Measures

This step needs to be completed by professional demolition contractors for health and safety reasons. Prior to the service, a comprehensive assessment of the site will be needed to outline any risks and decide the safest methods for effective and efficient demolition.

The survey will outline any hazardous materials, such as asbestos, that should be a priority and handled by professionals. When you hire demolition contractors, you can be assured that all waste is disposed of correctly and sent to licensed waste management sites.

Demolition contractors will help take care of the process and ensure a safe construction site.

Get In Touch With Us Now For Quality Demolition Contractors

Our team can help with any questions you may have about this service. We have plenty of experience undertaking large projects, so you can be confident in the work that we do. Warwickshire Groundworks can take care of your project from start to finish, including site evaluation and waste removal services.


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