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Power Floating Services

For power floating services in Solihull, choose our expert team today. Power floating is an effective method of delivering a smooth, polished finish to concrete flooring. It offers a range of effects, so whether you are looking for a rustic, modern or industrial appearance, our services are here to help. This flooring solution can be found in a range of homes and businesses and has become a popular interior in recent years.

We offer quality workmanship at competitive prices, so for more information, please call our friendly and helpful team today.

Power Floated Concrete

Our procedure for power floated concrete is carried out the same day the concrete has been laid. Once the surface has been made level and allowed to partially set, we use the latest ride-on power floating equipment to give it your desired look! It will then be finished with a pro-seal for a premium finish. During the curing process, we will smooth the concrete as well as trim any excess and fill in any gaps if necessary. We guarantee a smooth and seamless finish that will last for decades. Usually, this service can be completed in one day.

Smooth Concrete Flooring

Looking for smooth concrete flooring? Call now! We can transform your property with this popular flooring method. One of the main benefits of concrete flooring is its durability, and with a power floated finish, you can enjoy the best of both practicality and style. It is also quick to install and incredibly simple to maintain, as it offers great resistance to cracking. This makes it ideal for a range of domestic, industrial or commercial settings.

Choose Our Power Floating Specialists

Get in touch with our power floating specialists. We provide expert services at reasonable prices and we always work efficiently to suit your schedule. We always aim to cause the least amount of disruption as possible, and will communicate with you throughout the process so you are kept up to date at all times. The equipment we use is regularly maintained, and all members of our team are fully trained and experienced.

Contact Us For Power Floating

Call now to book power floating in Solihull or the surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you.

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