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Our Comprehensive Plant Hire Guide

plant hire

Plant hire is a convenient way to install groundworks and other landscaping features with speed and ease. Often, working by hand can be labour-heavy and time consuming, so using a machine wherever possible is encouraged. It not only saves you time and gets the job done quickly, but will save you cost in the long term too. To help you understand more about hiring plant, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide.

What Is Plant Hire?

Plant hire is the process of hiring construction machinery, primarily heavy machinery, to complete groundworks and landscaping tasks. These machines can be hired for certain timeframes and are often charged daily, weekly or monthly depending on what you need them for. It’s convenient, efficient and cost-effective.

Which Plant Can I Hire

If you’re new to plant hire, you may be wondering what machinery you can get, and what they’re used for. There’s a whole host of different machines you can take advantage of. However, we’ve outlined the most popular choices and what they’re used for below:

Excavators & Mini Diggers

Excavators and mini diggers are one of the most popular forms of plant hire, and for good reason too. They’re extremely versatile and can make short work of a task that would take days by hand. Furthermore, you can use these machines for trenching, landscaping and grading, earthworks and even transport heavy materials. Be sure to have a licensed operator though for efficient and safe work.


Dumpers are the powerhouses of moving material. Whether it’s concrete, earth or stone, they come in a range of sizes to suit the size of your project and excavator. The great thing about dumpers is their ease of use, and power. Additionally, they can traverse difficult terrain and carry tonnes of materials to help remove waste or install new features.

Excavator with grabber clearing waste


Rollers are a popular form of plant hire due to the consistency or road and driveway installations around the UK. Aggregate and tarmac need to be compressed for any sub base, and the fastest way to do it en masse is with a roller. They have a vibrating plate and flat metal wheel to make short of any compaction projects.

Choose Warwickshire Groundworks For Quality Plant Hire

Contact Warwickshire groundworks for a range of quality plant hire. We’ve got equipment to suit any construction job so you can be confident that we have a solution for you. To find out more, give us a call today.


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